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« on: October 14, 2017, 02:01:45 PM »
To connect to our server you will need to download and install the archives bellow.

   "CG" title="Cliente"
   "MG" title="Cliente"
   "GS" title="Cliente"

   "MF" title="System"
   "MG" title="System"
   "4S" title="System"

   "MF" title="Textura"
   "MG" title="Textura"
   "4S" title="Textura"

  • Download and install the Lineage 2 High Five Client(H5).
  • Download the system and system textures.
  • Un-Zip and copy the content of the system and system textures and animations in the client folder install path(Select Yes All to replace all existing files)
  • Enter game using L2.exe (executabile file) from System folder in Client installed folder
  • Enjoy our Server and  community.

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